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IGMPI’s Stride: Continuing Education Programme at Merck Life Science, Bangalore

IGMPI Continuing Education Programme (CEP) at Merck Life Science, Bangalore on 09th & 10th July 2015 delivered by Mr. Vinod Arora (Principal Advisor, IGMPI)
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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Recent Articles


Use of indirect treatment comparison/network meta-analysis (NMA) study for assessment of relevance and credibility to be used in clinical research decision making  by AasthaJain

Network meta-analysis has proved to be an important tool for prospective and retrospective observational studies for decision makers of the clinical research industry..


Compensation models in clinical research and issues concerning India by Amrita Bhattacharya

Compensation is offered to research subjects for participating in the clinical trials. Compensation is paid to the research subjects mainly with two objectives-for participation in the clinical trial and for trial related injuries. The compensation ..


Liability and Indemnity in Clinical Trials and its Global Complexities by Bhawna Sharma

Liability and indemnity both are very critical elements of clinical research process and often misunderstood. A clear understanding of liability and indemnity are very important in order to have proper risk management measures in place for clinical trials..

Placement testimonials: In the last batches, the Institute has witnessed participation of more than 1100 students and professionals placed with Fortune 500 and global Clinical Research, Pharmacovigilance, Pharma & life sciences giants like:

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