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A Personalized Cancer Vaccine Proves Breakthrough Innovation

A Personalized Cancer Vaccine Proves Breakthrough Innovation

Lately scientists are working towards developing personalized vaccines which are designed to help immune system of persons, hence identifying tumour as foreign bodies. The immune system further aids in killing the tumour cells and providing viable preventive method. However, every person has different genetic makeup which makes it complex to develop unique mutation for each person’s cancer cells. Therefore, before developing any vaccine a thorough research is needed to be performed in order to save time and money.

Recently, two personalized cancer vaccines are found to be effective in treatment of melanoma. As per the studies published in Journal Nature, researchers opine, based on the results of Phase I clinical trials, that new vaccines can be a potential and effective treatment in treating cancer in future generations.

In first study, patients were enrolled (n=6) with melanoma who had treated with surgery but received no other treatment. Researchers developed a personalized vaccine by sequencing the DNA from the tumours. The vaccines contained neoantigens which will further trigger the targets for the immune response for the predicted tumours. On receiving full series of vaccinations, including five priming injections and two booster vaccinations, 4 out of six patients had no recurrence of the disease after 25 months.

Similarly, in other study, vaccines were developed based on RNAs and tested the vaccines on 13 people who were diagnosed with melanoma. On administration of vaccines, all the patients reported with boosted immunity against the antigens specific to their tumours. On observing the patients for 23 months, 8 patients out of 13 patients were tumour free.

The studies concurred that both the vaccines are safe and can be considered for further research.